It's a new JENNERation!

Jul 01

One Direction!

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in a while, but I need some help.  My little brother and I are trying to win a contest to go see One Direction, and all you have to do is click this link: to help us out!  If you click the link, message me and I’ll promote your page AND follow you back!

May 07

This week has been one of tragedy

3 directioners died and today I find out a person from the Jenner family fan club died. what is wrong with the world. I’ve been crying, at how sad things have become how sad people are. Suicide is not the answer but I feel we all need to recognize we need to be nicer. Love unconditionally, and always help someone in need. If any of my followers are sad please please inbox me, I am ALWAYS here to help. Just know sadness is temporary, it too shall pass.

May 07

Facebook accounts!

Apr 25


My new tumblr account, so go ask my friend and me questions!!!!!


Natalie and I are bored watching the hockey game with her little brothers….. so we figured we’d answer questions and stuff.  So send us questions about anything, life, fashion, hair, movies, TV shows, school…. ANYTHING.  And we’ll answer them :D

Apr 25

My new, PERSONAL, Tumblr account

This tumblr account was all about kendall and kylie jenner, but my NEW tumblr account is all about me and my friends.  So go check it out!!!!!! I follow EVERYONE back, and yea! GO FOLLOW ME!!!!!

Apr 04

My New Tumblr Account

Hey guys! I made a new Tumblr account so I would LOVE it if you guys went and checked it out!! I believe the link is so check it out!!! Hope you guys like it!

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